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A Fresh Take on the Gossip Girl-esque Novels
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Reader reviewed by ambeen

I was expecting to really enjoy this novel because I've heard it is different from the Gossip Girl type novels. While I did enjoy the novel, it wasn't until the last quarter of the novel that I really got into it, sitting up to pay close attention.

The first half of The Elite is slow going with characters being the main focus. I am definitely a character person but the characters weren't moving things forward enough to be considered amazing. In fact, I was bored with the two main characters, Casey and Madison. I wasn't connecting with them at all.

Even though I wasn't really connecting with Casey or Madison, I loved Sophie and Phoebe. I thought they were really compelling characters. I would read whole books about each of them. I hope they get more focus in future books, because for secondary characters, they really stood out and stole the show for me.

Luckily, the last quarter of the book showed me just what Jennifer Banash is capable of and what I hope to see from her in future books. I finally connected with both Casey and Madison. It seemed that it was then their characters really had the chance to shine. I also felt the story moved along at a nice pace as well. I look forward to reading more about this rich (not in the monetary sense of the word either--although they are that, too :-P ) cast of characters in future novels from this series!
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