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Reader reviewed by Severa Drabczyk

My Sister's Keeper is about a girl named Anna who sues her parents for the right to make her own decisions about how her body is being used for her older sister Kate, who has leukemia and needs all sorts of organs and blood cells. Her parents have been making her be a donor for her sister since the day she was born, in fact that's the reason she was born, to be Kate's genetic match so they could try save her.

I have to say this was one of the best books I've ever read. Jodi Picoult wrote it beautifully and wholeheartedly. It was quite a sad story, and I thought before I read it that I probably wouldn't like it, but silly me, I judged a book by it's cover. But I was really really wrong on that scale. I love this book and I will tell you why I love it. I love how she wrote it from all of the character's perspectives instead of only one. That way you could see how the other characters felt with all that was going on and it wasn't as easy to hate a character because you knew how they felt. Most of the time in books, it's just one character telling you their story and you know that character doesn't like this one character because that character did something wrong. But in this book not only do you get the main character's side, but all the other character's too. And that's why I loved the book so much, I was able to see what the characters were really feeling and that in itself was fantastic.
This book had alot of emotion and it really got me emotional. I laughed and I cried, I was angry and scared, I felt every emotion in one with this book. It truely touched my soul and taught me some valuble lessons, and I really hope if you're reading this review right now, you will go and pick this book up. If you are not into sad stories, then you probably don't want this one, but do what you want it's your life and your brain. It is a wonderful book, way worth your time. And who knows, maybe you'll love it as much as I did and it will keep your heart too.
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