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Odd Strikes Again!
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Reader reviewed by Dede

Odd Thomas is back for his fourth book, and it was beyond my expectations. I usually am not a "series" reader, but Odd Thomas is a great character. Odd is in Magic Beach, a coastal California town, and is an aide to a germaphobic ex-actor. He has a prophetic dream involving a lady he has seen around town and a red mist coming off of the ocean. He sets out to find out how he can find out what it means and how he can stop it. The woman, Annamaria, is pregnant and Odd finds himself her protector. He deals with death, ghosts, coyotes, corruption, and more with his same humorous style and his same trust in dealing with things as they come. Annamaria turns out to be a very mysterious woman who is more than she seems. Odd battles the bad guys and more in this one and there is alot of action from beginning to end.
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