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Incredible book with Great Character Odd Rocks!
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Reader reviewed by Dede

This is one of those books that stay with you long after you are done reading it. Odd Thomas is the main character (Odd is really his first name) and he is one of the most memorable and relatable (well besides communicating with the dead) character to come along in a while. The dead don't talk, Odd tells us, but they do communicate and he helps them "find peace" among other things. He can see the dead, along with nasty evil things he calls bodachs. Bodachs seem to signal major trouble and death. He also has a pretty great "sidekick" - Elvis, who is prone to crying jags. Odd's parents leave a lot to be desired, but his long-time girlfriend Stormy is another awesome character in this book. In this book a secretive man draws Odd's attention and he keeps an eye on him, sensing trouble. Odd's only clue is his heightened senses and a page ripped from a calender - August 15th. The book starts on August 14th. This book is packed full of everything you could want in a book. It will have you guessing and holding your breath. It's a perfect mix of humor, the strength of the human spirit, drama, action and hope. READ THIS BOOK!!
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