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Prom Nightmares and Dreams
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Reader reviewed by Tiffany

I simply adored reading 21 Proms that I reread it again and again and again! It's a book that features 21 different stories all realting to you-know-what: Prom! Each piece is unique and each has a new spin on what Prom is really like and all the weird things that happen on this once-in-a-lifetime event that every high schooler looks forward to going to.

There's a story about a morp: A backwards prom. Come in a freaky costume and have fun! No dresses, no lame music, and no expectations! Another features a vampire hunter who must kill the vampire after her best friend, with some help from a smug boy of course. When a boy notices something weird about the Latin club and the sudden lust in every person at the prom, just how can he solve it? In love with your best friend's girlfreind? Got three dates to Prom instead of one? Dating your brother's best friend without him knowing? If you have, then you would know exactly what some of the charcters go through on this single night.

What's best about this book is that you don't have to read it in order. You can start from the end and go backwards or begin right in the middle. Each story is unrelated, letting you enjoy 21 different stories all conveniently in a book. Just pick a story and enjoy!
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