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Reader reviewed by Pony (or Clarissa)

This book captured my attention from the start. It is easy to follow but a bit more difficult to really understand it.It is generally about(I don't want to give away too much)two best friends who are growing apart in spite of themselves. Bryon is growing and maturing and he doesn't find the things he used to find interesting interesting anymore. Mark is staying young, he doesn't want to grow. He knows what is happening as well as Bryon and is desperately trying to hang on to the good times they used to have. It all "actually" starts since their good friend Charlie dies trying to defend them, and things just get more and more complicated. Eventually Bryon's confused feelings and desire to get even with the world for changing too much or too little leads to a chilling but perfect ending which made me cry and throw the book against the wall. I loved this book!

I also love the fact that (for anyone who has also read, "The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton) POnyboy and the Shepards and even Johnny and Dally (not by name) are mentioned. Ponyoby actually speaks a few times and it is interesting to see how their all doing. I have read just about anything I could since i was 8 years old and this has been one of the best books Ive ever read.
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