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Lost and Found
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Reader reviewed by olyvia boooo

i'm reding a book a called Lost and Found
it is about a girl that lives with her momther granmother and her little sister Jamie is 12 years old.Darcy is jamee's older sister
darcy is 15 years old
Darcy is like the mother of her family she has to take care of her little sister and her grandmother

Darcy loves going to school
on her way to school one day her friends wanted her to tale an enventor in the woods so of course Darcy was going to do it
as she was edventoring there was this older man siting by the trees at the north siade of the woods Darcey secided that it was not a good idea to go futher in the woods because that man was there so she found the tral that leaded back to the school

the next day she wanted to go see if the man was still in the woods
well to her serprise there was a different man standing there
but this time Darcy decided that she was going to keep walking throught the woods
as she walked by the man he just stood there
she ran throught the woods until she could's she the man anymore
then she started to walk again
as she was getting to the end of the woods she saw a dead end she nocied the was a bridge that lead to the other side but if was to far for her to walk so she tryied to go back the way she came but, she couldn't find her way out
she was to far from the older man she saw whrn she first saw when she walked in
so she just stud there for a wail

to be contunued............
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