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Zoey Redbird has gone through very much in the last few months. First she was Marked with a sign from the goddess Nyx. She was graced with powers unheard of in a third year fledgling. Not only does she have an affinity for all of the five elements, but her mark is unusual, too it is filled in completely, which only happens to adult vampyres. She also Imprinted with her human on again, off again boyfriend, giving her a strange and strong lust for his blood.

Then, Zoey was Betrayed. The goddess had warned her not all things that seem evil are evil, and not all good things are good. Those whom she trusted the most plotted against her, while her enemy became her alibi.

And now, she is Chosen. Faced with a huge load of responsibility, Zoey wants to turn to her friends for support. But how can they understand what she is going through? Shes Imprinted with her human (sometimes ex) boyfriend, she is in a relationship with the extremely hot Erik Night, and she definitely has feelings for her teacher (and he definitely has feelings back!). Not only that, but she struggles to help her undead best friend Stevie Rae from turning into a monster, while there are monsters slaughtering adult vampyres. So what is a girl expected to do?

P.C. and Kristen Cast have exceeded expectations again! Their newest installment in the House of Night series is even better than the first two novels. I would have liked to see a little more character development in the plot, but for the most part the characters were as good as ever.
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