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Reader reviewed by Shane B

Jumper by Steven Gould was an extraordinary book. This novel being labeled as a science fiction book does not do it justice. Jumper is more of a coming-of-age novel than a science fiction book. Only a few pages or so delve into the realm of the science of teleportation. Davy Rice is a seventeen year old kid living in Ohio, with an abusive, alcoholic father. His mother left Davy when he was twelve. Davy runs away from his home in Ohio and makes his way to New York City. After rough times in New York, Davy received nearly one million dollars from a bank transaction. After Davy contacted his mother, she was killed in a plane hijacking by terrorists. Davy devotes all his time after that event to finding the hijackers, but unfortunately he attracts government attention. The NSA bugged his fathers house, his girlfriends house, and kidnapped his girlfriend. Davy was real from the very beginning of the book and continued to be throughout the entirety of the book. That was what made it so great; you could connect with the character and feel his pain, suffering, and anger. My connection with the character had me not wanting to put it down. The ending was a bit predictable, but I prefer to read books for the journey of the character rather than the outcome of the conflict. Jumper was one of the best books I have ever read; I would recommend this novel especially to people who enjoy science fiction and to anyone who loves to read an amazing book. (261 words)
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