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Reader reviewed by Foreword CLARION Reviews

Princess Alera, the young heroine and narrator of Legacy, lives in the mythical territory of Hytanica, and is about to inherit the trappings of the Kingdoms throne. Fifteen-year-old author Cayla Kluver shows every promise of inheriting the mantle of a first-rate novelist of historical romance and fantasy.

An enchanting once-upon-a-time story for readers aged thirteen and older with realistic overtones of medieval sieges, feasts, Faire, and tournaments, Kluvers epic incorporates the best of the conventions of courtly love, historical fiction, romantic fantasy (but not the bodice-ripping) kind, and her own unique creative imagination. She remains true to historical fact with sensuous descriptions and references to the customs of the time.

Well-paced and well-written, Legacy has passages of idyllic prose, tension between lovers, and a powerful narrative in the description of a tournament battle&that threatens to end in the death of one of the combatants. But there are enough story threads left hanging to ensure that book two, Allegiance, will be a fitting sequel and to ensure Cayla Kluvers legacy as a stellar author and storyteller.

(From Foreword CLARION Reviews; Reprinted here with author's permission.)
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