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Alex Rider returns for yet another breathtaking adventure!
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Reader reviewed by Jimmy

Eagle Strike by Anthony Horowitz is the fourth installment of the Alex Rider Series, and Horowitz delivers yet again with another action-packed thriller that will keep young adults on the edge of their seats. The fast-paced secret agent adventures, with several new twists, have come to be expected from Alex Rider, but this time theres a catch: In the first three books of this series, Alex Rider is employed by either MI6 or the CIA, practically forced into field agency, but this time, his instincts pull him into an investigation of Sir Damian Cray. No one will believe him, but Alex swears that there is something beneath the campaigns against drugs, millions of dollars given to charity, and knighthood which could threaten quite a few people. Not even Mrs. Jones or Alan Blunt can detect any sense in Alexs theory, and so he ventures off into Crays world on his own. As it turns out, his intentions endanger a much larger scale: The entire world. This book is extremely well-written, as Horowitz depicts the action scenes with incredibly clarity, from an escape by Alex on a bicycle to plotting his way through a real-live video game. You will find yourself cheering for the invincible teenage version of James Bond through every chase, every stealth investigation, and every potentially lethal encounter. Hard to put down until all 256 pages have been consumed and thoroughly digested, Eagle Strike is a must-read for all lovers of a young adult thriller.

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