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The Best Could Happen but Wouldn't Book
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Reader reviewed by Deirdre

This is a book about a lonely teenager at boarding school, but this isnt any normal preppy person at a really executive school. This is a boy named Carlton Dunne IV, who has an amazing ability to draw comics. So to use this extra special talent Carlton calls a comic book editor and ends up using his fathers name and pretending to be 48 years old, so he can get his comics, about a heroine named Signy The Superbad, published.
All this works out until his father gets kidnaped by a Scottish clan, called the MacCloughs, set on vengeance for something that happened hundreds of years ago. Something that made the Dunnes very rich and the MacCloughs very angry. Now they have Carltons father and are willing to do anything for the proof.
The thing I most liked about this book was the voice. You could actually believe that a 16 year old was telling you this story. Carlton didnt use words a average teenager wouldnt know.
The thing I didnt like about this book is that it gets very confusing when Carlton fist arrives in Scotland. The writer has too much to write about at this point and it seems like Carlton is just standing there for a few hours, because they have a chapter explaining different things. This makes it sort of uninteresting and boring.
This is a good book for early teens and is not very hard to read.
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