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Chosen is the third novel in the House of Night Novel series.

Zoey has more on her plate then ever. She is still dealing with the fact that her best friend is dead. Well she is actually undead, she is more or less alive, but just without her soul. Shes is juggling not one, but three boyfriends, and Neferet is still looming in the Shadows.

Zoey feels more alone then ever because she cant confide in her friends about Stevie Rae. She cant confide in anyone, except for the last person she thought she would ever trust, Aphrodite. This alone would be enough to stress to last a lifetime, but then Zoey and Aphrodite find a vampyre professor of the House of Night decapitated and staked to a cross. Zoey thinks that her family, or more specially her step-dad may have been involved.

I couldnt put this book down! Poor Zoey! I wish that she would catch a break. It seems like whatever she does, just doesnt work out for her at all! I was glad how things ended up with Stevie Rae, but I actually felt bad for Aphrodite, even though she isnt really the nicest person. I could definitely see the romance writing style of P.C. Cast shining through on this one! Lets just say there are some lovely intimate scenes, if you will! All I have to say is it's about time her and Erik started making out! :) The boy is too cute not to kiss! I am hoping there will be a another book. The ending definitely left the possibility. I cant wait to see what happens to Zoey and her friends next!!! The suspense is killing me!
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