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This story is about a 16 year old boy named Pagan who is growing up in the 12th century. He led a poor life, and resorted to gambling to live a better life. However, now he must pay off all those depts. Pagan decides to enroll among the Templar Knights to escape. He is assigned as Lord Roland's squire. Lord Roland is everything Pagan wishes to be: strong, admired, good-hearted, and in other words: perfect. Throughout this story, Pagan develops a deeper relationship with Lord Roland and begins to realize his life isn't as perfect as it seems.
This book is great for anyone who likes history, humor (all my fellow Monty Python lovers), or adventure. Jinks does a wonderful job creating the character Pagan, with all of his wit and understanding. It is told from Pagan's perspective, which definitely livens up the story. You will laugh at his thoughts and most often even agree with them. Along the way, you will even pick up some historical information (perfect if you need an excuse for why to read it). It is action packed, especially towards the end. I personally cannot wait to read the next book in this quartet.

Reprinted here with author's permission.
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