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3.5 6
Young Adult Fiction 1931
Peculiar, Whimsical, Dawning
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Reader reviewed by abscae

I personally hated Jane Eyre, so being that the sister of the author of that book wrote this novel left me wary. I'd heard good and bad about this novel, literary critics are divided on whether this novel is good or bad.

Well, it's certainly something. Amazing as it is, this novel has some astounding insight into human flaws and such. It is made apparent that the main characters are flawed: so flawed that it affects their relationship (as it does in real life). The characters themselves are horrific at times, so unlikable, but the dynamics of the relationship really caught my eye and kept it there.

I'm horrible at explaining plot, but it is a love story, however peculiar that love might be. This novel offers up some really insightful analysis of the humans, and I found it worth the read.
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