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Family Feud
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The Crutchfield family and the Malones have hated each other for a long time; the grudge is one that goes way back so its customary for one family to blame the other for all their problems.

Unfortunately, because Kate Malones father is in jail for supposedly killing Robert Crutchfield, money in the Malone family is tight. So, Kate is forced to attend a public school, worse because it is on Crutchfield land. Unknowingly, on the first day of school, Kate falls in love with Bram. Their friendship develops into something more, and when Kate finds out that Bram is a Crutchfield, she is devastated but doesnt let on that she is a Malone. But some people do know. And the truth eventually comes out at Brams birthday party.

When I bought this book, I was expecting a really interesting story, but what I got was only mediocre. I was immensely disappointed in this book. I believe it is supposed to be like Romeo and Juliet with the fighting families, but it was not as romantic or well written. I would not recommend this book.
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