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New Moon is the thrilling sequel to Stephenie Meyers first novel Twilight. It continues the love story between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, but with an unexpected twist of course.

Bella never saw it coming, but when it happened, she completely broke down. She was barely living and functioning. Then Jacob came along, and a friendship develops. Jacob was no longer the awkward boy he was, and he provides Bella with a crutch to lean on. Even with Jacob around, Bella still couldnt get over the disaster in her life, and it didnt help that Jacob wished Bella was more than a friend to him.

Things start to spin out of control all starting with a certain vampire sister believing an untrue vision of Alices. And before she knows it, Bella is racing off to Italy to save the person who caused her so much pain over the last several months.

Again, I would highly recommend this to any fans of vampire romances that havent already started this series. It is a fantastic story, and it never gets disappointing. This is another one of my favorites.
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