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Young Adult Fiction 1938
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Reader reviewed by K. Hager

This was the first book assigned in school that I actually enjoyed! The books is about Lily Bart and the pressures of the time to be married if you were a woman of a certain age. Lily pretty much toes the line when it comes to society's standards, but once in a while she does somethingthat's frowned being alone with a male when she should have a guardian or companion as well.

The book is very sad as it reminds me of Marguax hemingway..the young woman who feels she can't live up wot society's standards and gives up. SPOILER ALERT: Likewise, with Margaux Hemingway there was a question of whether or not she committed suicide or if it was an accidental overdose. Similarly, the book ends with Lily's death and we don't know if she took too much sleeping potion on accident or on purpose.

This is a beautifully written classic that is not only impressive to share in leiterary circles, but is actually interesting!
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