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Reader reviewed by Sinera

this is harrys fifth year and as nobody wants to beleive that voldermort came back but have to and the ministry of magic has been up to no good all they have been doing is lying about harry and saying that everything harry said was a lie. the order of pheonix are fighting against voldemort as harry was at privet drive with dudley for some reason there was a dementor chasing after dudley
and harry. harry obviously had to use the patronus charm and got a letter from the ministry saying he had to go to the ministry.soon harry was picked up by tonks mad eye moody and so on he went to the ministry and had a witness soon his name was cleared and then harrynwent to hogwarts and then harry and his friends made an army called d.a dumbledores army there they learned proper defense against the dark arts and harry had a vission of sirius at the ministry with voldemort he and the D.A left to fight voldemort.i like this story because it shows how they fight voldemort and beat him and how sirius dies and voldemort escapes.
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