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First of all, THIS BOOK IS FREAKIN' AWESOME(parden my language). Bella turns 18, get's attacked by Jasper, which all leads to the big part, Eward leaves Bella. YEESH DUDE! I MEAN, COOOME ON! Anyway, back to the big part, Bella finds out that Jacob Black is a were-wolf while Edward is gone and finds out all of the traits you inherate when becoming a were-wolf, you gain super speed, super strength, and kind of an ability to read each other's thoughts. COOL HUH? Well anyway, Bella gets a motorcycle and has Jacob repair it and teach her how to ride it. Then later on in the book Bella tries to kill herself by cliff diving off the top o this huge cliff and Jacob ends up saving her. Edward thinks that she is dead and goes to the Volturi, the oldest vampires in the world, and tries to get himself killed, but Bella shows up with Alice at the last minute and stops Edward from getting himself killed. Bella ends up making a deal with Carlisle. The deal is that after she graduates, he will turn her into a vampire, and that basically ends the book. Can't wait to read Eclipse. Enjoy!
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