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Reader reviewed by Alyssa Feller, POD Princess & Graphic Novel Guru

Destiny is a bad girl.

Or so her mother has always told her. After a terrifying day at Crater Lake, Destiny has been told over and over again that shes a bad girl. Destiny is determined to keep what happened that fateful day a secret, convinced that if anyone ever finds out, it will destroy her family and her very life. And since she is a bad girl, it will also be Destinys fault.

Now, almost four years later, Destiny has become responsible of taking care of her little sister Cassidy and her mentally ill mother. The memory of Crater Lake haunts her like a bad nightmare, and she is convinced that she is the only one who can keep her family from falling apart. Its her job to make sure everyone stays happy and healthy, and survives the latest of her mothers episodes.

As Destiny fights to keep everyone together, she fails to notice the impact her new role is having on her. She pushes away all her friends, and constantly sees a darkness stalking her mother. Cassidy stops talking to anyone but Destiny and her new invisible friend. Destinys father refuses to face the facts, convinced that his wife only needs a little bit of therapy and relaxation to return to normal. As her mother slips farther and farther away, Destiny finally realizes that its time to face the truth. But can she get her little sister out before its too late?

Filled with dark and haunting images, Bad Girls Club offers a realistic look into a family affected with mental illness. Readers follow Destiny through the entire ordeal, experiencing the madness right alongside her. By turns both enlightening and heartbreaking, Destinys story is one that will stick with you long after you have finished reading.

Recommended for ages 14 and up, and especially to those who want a glimpse into what life is like when living with an mentally ill family member.
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