City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments #5)

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In City of Lost Souls, there'll be hell to pay
The Shadowhunters' world is in disarray.
The reality is blurred between friends and foes,
And in this game of anything goes.

For Jace is lost and his will is on loan
And if Clary's not careful, all will be blown.
Will their love be strong enough to withstand
The pain and destruction from Sebastian's hand?

And then there is Simon, with the Mark of Cain,
Will he be Heaven or Hell's, and can he be slain?
And Isabelle Lightwood who stole Simon's heart,
Will losing Max and then Jace tear her apart?

And what about Alec who loves Magnus Bane,
Is immortality possible for him to obtain?
Or will he grow old and thus wither away,
Perhaps he should bargain with the Queen of the Fae.

To burn down the world is Sebastian's goal,
But even more, he wants his sister's soul.
To make her love him is his greatest need
Through blood and death, will he succeed?

Through broken hearts and minds and dangers untold,
For fighting heaven and hell, they will pay tenfold.
At the end of day, they must all stand and fight,
Or else they fall victim to Sebastian's dark might.

This is the BEST book in the Mortal Instruments series!!! I read it in one day, and then I went back and read and re-read my favorite parts--there were quite a few! I'm actually tempted to stop writing right now and go re-read them again!!!

You know how there are certain moments that change your life? Well, reading City of Lost Souls was one of those ( much more than a moment, but still) moments! I was swept away into Cassie's world--if only I could live there permanently. most people who are going to read this book already love Cassie Clare and TMI, so I'm just going to go with a few reasons why you should read this RIGHT AWAY! (We'll do a countdown)

5. I love when the Fae interfere--I mean, they are just so cunningly evil! Anytime the Queen is around, you know you are in for something dark and twisty!

4. We get to see into Magnus's world! His world is quirky and fun, but with an air of mystery and danger. It divides the line between good and evil, and it's nice to ride that line with the warlock. Magnus has been in so many of Cassie's books, but I really love seeing him get personal in this one!

3. I love the world that Sebastian, Jace, and Clary get swept away in. I won't say much because it would be too spoilery, but there was so much grey there that I didn't know who to trust--and I didn't care! I just wanted more!

2. Sebastian is the absolute best villain ever! I mean--bold statement coming--I think I like him better than Voldemort! (Please don't strike me with a lightning bolt...) He's charming and sexy and manipulative at first, and I just can't help but have a weird crush on him, but then we witness one scene that shows his true depravity and it changes everything. (Brief Statement: The scene in question has gotten a lot of rumble over the past week, and in my opinion, there was nothing wrong with it. It was there to show how truly vile Sebastian is, and it worked.)

1. Jace--of course! Even though he's not the Jace we all remember, he is still to die for! He's just as sexy, just as scandalous--even more so because Sebastian's pulling the strings, and just as kick butt! I date you not to completely fall in love with him!

So...if my wonderful poem didn't convince you and my wonderful countdown did not convince you, then I have to conclude that you are just crazy! May Jace's stele strike you down!
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