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The Lost Legends Review
(Updated: June 11, 2021)
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The Lost Legends is one of those books that has everything in it. A princess, an evil king, pirates, a mysterious plague, and an unforgettable love story. This book never left me bored and kept me turning pages, eager to find out what would happen next.

What worked:
The twists in this story blew me away! It was written so incredibly well. The tension between the king and Shane and Adalina kept me biting my nails, wondering if they were going to be caught at some point. The entire book held this exciting sense of adventure, especially the parts about the pirates and searching for a way to break the curse. The romance between Ada and Lee was unexpected. I figured she wasn’t going to end up with her almost betrothed, but she’d said she was in love with him so I didn’t think she’d end up with another guy. I loved it that I was wrong. They had some mad chemistry together. Watching the characters try to stop the plague was fun as well. I’m eager to read the next books to see what will happen next!

What left me wanting more:
Not much! The only hangup I had was that Adalina and Lee moved a bit too quickly physically for my taste. I’m not a huge fan of sex in teen books anyway, especially where the characters aren’t exclusively together. I did appreciate that the sex was fade to black. The sex stuff was basically my only issue with this book. Everything else was completely fantastic.

The Lost Legends is an exciting plunge into an alluring world filled with danger and intrigue. Readers won’t be disappointed with this wonderful book!

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