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Fate Calling Review
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Fate Calling by Lindsay Grace is a beautifully written fae fantasy about a young human girl named Aislinn and a fae named Kieran who is the rightful king of his land. The two of them become fated to be mates against their will.

This story is full of danger at every turn with just the right amount of romance added in. The romance unfolds slowly, and the longing they feel for each other keeps the reader pulled into the story. There was a lovely push pull between the main characters that created a dynamite conflict.

Aislinn’s sister Catriona is abducted, and she has to work with Kieran to keep her safe. Aislinn’s love for her sister and determination to keep her safe was admirable and painted her as a strong, unforgettable character.

Kieran’s dark past and his struggle to control his powers made him relatable and honest. After all, don’t we all have our dark struggles? It was beautiful to read about someone so powerful who still fought against his own inner demons.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves fae fantasy.
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