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Young Adult Indie 710
Magical Adventure
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What worked:
The magical aspect of this book had me turning pages quickly. It was easy to read and fun to read. I never found myself getting bored or distracted as I read. The story sucked me in from page one until the end. I loved the world building and the different kingdoms. The author clearly put a lot of work and imagination into creating her world. I loved the unicorn kingdom the best! I wished we could have seen more of it. The witches kingdom was also super cool to read about, especially the way they got there. The aspect of the secrets surrounding Grace’s birth was intriguing and had me flipping through the book quickly.

What left me wanting more:
I felt like Grace fell way too quickly for Maddi. There wasn’t enough time to build a relationship organically between the two of them because they jumped from meeting to kissing almost immediately. Looking back, I’m guessing that flaw was intentional since Maddi was a bit of a shady character. Still, it was a bit frustrating to read about Grace jumping into a relationship so quickly and foolishly.

When Grace became queen, she abolished the law that said only men and women could be together romantically. I felt like that was done with too little resistance and didn’t have enough conflict involved. She was supposed to have a group of lawmakers vote on the law and she abolished that rule too since they were the patriarchy and she knew they would vote against her. It was too easy and fell a bit flat.

Overall, this was a fun, engaging story with brightly imaginative world building laced with mystery and danger. The action and fantasy landscape was enjoyable to read about.
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