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So Sweet
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A sweet and perfect novella to go with this series.

The Story:
Four best friends have been separated at their various colleges for months, only occasionally seeing each other. It had been a rough time for all of them with one being diagnosed with a brain tumor.
Now, they're all traveling back to their hometown for the holidays, hoping to spend a few weeks catching up. Lila never left, and is looking forward to the boy she fell in love with being at her side so she can surprise him with good news. Gavin only wants his girl.
Dylan is nervous because he's gotten closer to Beth Ann through months of texting, but she's keeping him at arm's length, knowing she'll have to go back to school across the country soon.

What I loved:
There's a sweetness here that fits so well with the rest of the series. The characters all have their flaws, but it only makes them better. They're every bit their ages with the anxieties and fears, but also the innocence that comes with first loves. The story is a one-sitting read because it features such easy writing that by the time I looked up, I was mostly done.
It's a good author who can weave four characters' storylines together so well with their family drama, relationships, and individual worries.
I'd recommend reading the rest of the series along with this to get the full experience of what they're going through and what they've been through. You won't regret it.

Final Verdict: A sweet story of friendship and first love, written in an engaging style that never lets up.
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