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Young Adult Indie 664
Full of action and nightmares!
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As a girl, Vi suffered various forms of torture from her mom and she was the equivalent to a lab rat being poked and prodded. When the rebels break her out, it's too had to believe. After being tortured for how long Vi was, it sticks to you like a shadowing darkness. Among the rebels, she discovers her childhood friends, David and Chase, and someone who she believed to be dead. Even though this was supposed to be a chance at freedom, Vi feels like she's traded one cage for another, but her childhood friends try to prove otherwise.

Chase and David worked so hard to get Vi back and they aren't ready to see her go no matter how much she wants to escape. So, they have to re-earn her trust. The three discover that the experiments her mother performed might have had some side effects in the form of enhanced abilities. David and Chase will do anything to help her understand and harness the new abilities that are developing. All the while, there seems to be something stirring between Chase and Vi, even though she still has a hard time figuring out where she belongs in this rebel camp. Her mother made her feel like she can't trust anyone and nobody really seems to want her in the camp besides David and Chase. Vi will have lots of paths to choose and will learn secrets along the way.

BORN ROYAL is a unique twist to royalty featuring a tortured soul. Vi spent so many years as an experiment to her mother that nightmares plague her and it's difficult to tell who is genuine and who isn't. She believes everyone has ulterior motives, but Chase and David remind her of the old times. When things were easy. Vi must find where her fate lies and who truly has her best interest in mind and who doesn't.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to fans of royalty, action, adventure, tortured main characters with a dark past, and a hint of romance.
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