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Emmet has just lost his twin sister Minnie, to a horrible accident. When Minnie's parents decided to fulfill her wish to donate her organs, Emmet decides to undertake a project to record the recipiants stories.

I loved that the author decided to write a novel about this difficult and rarely touched on subject. The information about the author says that he was inspired to write this story based on his own family's experience with organ donation. His personal experience with the subject brings the story to life. Stewart takes a emotional subject matter and adds humor and teenage culture.

What I loved: I loved the bond between Emmet and Minnie and how a twinless twin could feel unmoored when their twin dies. I have boy/girl twins myself. While twins can have totally different personalities and interests, there is always a special bond.

I also thought the family's grief and how each member dealt with it was especially poignant. While Emmet tried to deal with his grief, his parents drew into themselves and would not let others in.

I loved the characters of both Emmet and Minnie. I also loved how Minnie had such a cute and quirky personality.

What left me wanting more: I appreciated that the author showed a diverse group of recipients to Minnie's organs. I thought that a lot of the side characters personalities were a little flat. I would have liked a deeper dive into their pre-transplant lives and personalities. Also, I found the dialog related to the virtual fireside interviews a little confusing.

My final word: I loved the topic and the main characters. A wonderful novel that explores the complicated subject of organ donation.
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