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Glass Kingdom by M. Lynn Book Review
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I don't even know where to start with this book. I practically finished it in one day (and I would have if I wasn't working while trying to read it). There were so many fantastic things about it. First, I didn't know it was tied so closely to the Rapunzel series which made me happy. While it isn't the full reason I love this book, it is one of my favorite things when authors connect series. All of the cameo's make me happy and I'm super glad that we got Edmund in this book. The story itself was so unique and fantastic. The gender swap Cinderella story worked so well. Even though it's a retelling this story really stands out on its own. There were so many amazing aspects and new ideas she brought into it. Since everything flowed so well, the pacing was fantastic. I just always wanted to keep reading. And then the ending. Oh, that ending. I just couldn't deal with it. I may still be recovering.

Personally, I usually find either the story or the characters mainly stand out to me. Even when they both work together, I can say that I enjoyed one a little more than the other. With this book, I don't know if I could decide whether the story or the characters were better for me. Each character was perfect for this story. I loved Helena so much. There were some instances where it should have seemed hard for me to relate to her but I felt so attached to her. Especially when certain events happened to hear, I was crushed! Dell's character was great as well. It honestly was perfect the way she swapped the characters from the traditional setting. There was so much I really enjoyed about his character. The dual point of view was a fantastic way to write this book to get as much as possible from both characters.

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Overall, Glass Kingdom by M. Lynn was absolutely fantastic. With a very unique gender swapping retelling of Cinderella there were so many aspects that just worked. I loved the story and all of the twists that were introduced. It was great to see cameos from the Rapunzel's story and I'm excited to see how the next book will continue. Helena and Dell were the perfect characters for this story and I love them both. This is a book I highly recommend for anyone, especially if you are a fan of retellings and fantasy.

**NOTE: You do not need to read the first three books in the series to read this one but it is something I highly encourage to get the best experience**
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