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Second Installment to Mulan Retelling
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DRAGON REBELLION opens up with Jian and Hua taking refuge in Hua's family farm, but she hasn't awoken since she turned into a dragon. With the empire looking for the dragon, Jian has no choice but to leave the war. But when the farm is attacked, he finds himself face-to-face with a close friend. While Jian sits waiting, Hua is fighting for ownership of her body. The Nagi lives within her and will remain there until her mission is complete. Hua fears what havoc the Nagi will cause if she's given free will of her body. But Hua can only hold out for so long before the Nagi takes over.

Soon, it becomes a race against time. The Nagi is trying to get revenge for all those killed with dragon blood. Jian is trying to protect Hua while stopping the Nagi. It's just a matter of who will win in the end and what is truly right and wrong.

DRAGON REBELLION is the last installment of this Mulan retelling with a slow burning romance and lots of action. I love how loyal and dedicated Jian is to both his brother and Hua. I also love the strength Hua has and how she's determined to not give into the Nagi. The relationship between Jian and Hua is strained with the Nagi's existence, but Jian doesn't give up. M. Lynn took me on a whirlwind adventure of emotions and I'm satisfied with the end result.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to fans of retellings, Mulan, fantasy, dragons, strong and lovable characters, and romance.
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