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Both Bear and Wolf Shifters!
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When Tris escapes from being kidnapped by her boyfriend Corbin, she does the only logical thing. She gets the heck out of town. She flees on the roads and comes across a small town diner. The waitress Dottie is kind enough to help her out and give her directions to the nearest place she can stay, which ends up being a charming campground.

Here, she meets the rough, but good-looking Liam. Even though she's running from her crazy ex, there's something about Liam that draws her in. When she takes a trip to the nearby waterfall, she unlocks something inside of her and becomes the savior to all shifters. Not to mention that Liam is one himself. As if Tris didn't have enough on her plate, now she's the key to saving everyone from a sickness that kills shifters.

CHOSEN is the first in the Gem Creek Bears series and is full of action and raw emotions. Jennifer Snyder does an amazing job at portraying realistic emotions from Tris. She's a real character and her reactions to each situation was on par. She didn't let Corbin destroy her and instead chose to save herself. I also love Liam and how protective he is over Tris and I can't wait to see how their relationship develops in the next one.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to fans of shifters, action, romance, and a whirlwind of craziness. CHOSEN is a little on the short side and leaves me hungry for more!
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