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Young Adult Indie 1353
Original Robin Hood re-telling
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The story:
When her father forces her to travel back in time to correct the mistake he made, Maryanne finds herself in the world of Robin Hood. She’s heard the stories about him growing up, that he’s a thief and murderer, but the only way she can get home is if she changes that story to one of a hero.

What I loved:
I loved the twist on the original Robin Hood. Robin isn’t a good guy, yet, and it’s up to Maryanne to change his path to the one we all know and love.

What was just okay:
There were times the story slowed down and was a little hard to push through but the characters and storyline were worth the read.

Final Verdict:
This is a great twist on the Robin Hood story we all know and love.
Good Points
Original retelling of Robin Hood.
The relationships between the characters kept me reading.
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