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Young Adult Indie 1141
Excellent LGBT Story With a Twist
(Updated: May 06, 2020)
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The story:

In a small town in Georgia, Tommy is still mourning the loss of his best friend, Chase, so much so that he hears his voice in his head. The only outlet he has for his grief is sending Chase texts. Then, one day, a stranger answers in the form of Nick. Nick, working a summer job at the local diner, doesn’t realize the cute local boy he’s already pissed off is the same one he’s anonymously exchanging texts with. When the truth is revealed, will Tommy be able to let Chase go?

What I loved:

The main characters, Nick and Tommy, are delightfully written. They come from different worlds (city vs. country), and each speaks with his own voice. Both are wonderfully snarky, and I love the way the author engineered how their relationship began and developed, a clever twist on a familiar theme. The story itself went pretty deep into the lives and heartaches of both guys, which made them feel even more real to me.

What I didn’t love:

There are several leaps of logic within the plot, but those are minor points that can forgiven given the superior character development. Other than that, the story is solid.

My Final Verdict:

Ghosting You is a sweet, touching, poignant look at love, life, and dealing with loss. If you are in need of a great LGBT story, I would highly recommend it.
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