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What a ride! Fae’s Destruction by M. Lynn & Melissa A. Craven is the final book in their series Queens of the Fae and picks up right where the last book left off so buckle up for an emotional rollercoaster from page one. I laughed, I cried, I raged, and yes, I even swooned. Fae’s Destruction is a nonstop, action packed, emotionally charged story that will leave you breathless by the end. Please note that this is book three and there may be minor spoilers to the previous books in the series from this point on. Read at your own risk!

“Brea Robinson is a prisoner.” Brea finds herself right back where she started, a prisoner of Queen Regan in Fargelsi. This time is different. Brea knows exactly where she is, who she is with, and why she is there. This girl is not the same that we met in book one. She is fierce and will do whatever is necessary to protect the ones she loves, even if it costs her own heart in the process. My heart broke for her over and over again with each sacrifice she made. As a result of her trade for Myles and Neeve, Brea is cut off from the world outside of Fargelsi. With no news of her friends and family, Brea has nothing but hope to cling to while her aunt plans a wedding to the wrong O’Shea brother.

“Douchey” Loch is now king of Iskalt. Everything he thought he’d lost as a child is now his again. But it isn’t all he wanted. He wanted Brea with him, ruling beside him. Instead, he receives word that she is married to his brother. Lochlan breaks my heart in this book. He is understandably hurt by Brea’s decision to save her friends, but he doesn’t fault her. Instead he begins strategizing how to save her. That is until the news comes that she married Griff. Now he’s lost, heart broken and defeated. I hated seeing him like this. But I’m not the only one. Brea’s friend Myles basically adopts Loch, and I love him for it. Now I see why Brea loved Myles so much.

Griff is still not to be trusted in my book. I wasn’t sure what his long game with Brea was. Clearly she wasn’t okay with marrying him. Yet, Griff went through with it anyways and acted hurt that she wasn’t happy. What kind of guy does that?! Griff’s charm and looks have worn off from the first book. I really wanted to like him, but the authors gave me someone to dislike, even if it tore a piece of my heart to do so.

The plot does not lag in this book. While book one set up the world and book two was nonstop action, Fae’s Destruction rules on emotions. Don’t get me wrong, there’s quite a bit of action, but the emotional rollercoaster takes center stage. I love the alternating point of view between Lochlan and Brea. This gives us a clear picture of what is happening in Fargelsi and the rest of the Fae realms which also reflects Brea’s internal struggle with her magic.

Overall I couldn’t sit Fae’s Destruction down! I loved every word and did not want it to end. I’m hoping and crossing all my fingers for a spin-of series (Pretty please!), featuring a certain character. It could work…I’m just saying. If you are a fan of Fae, YA romance and fantasy, you are in for a treat. This series is beautifully written from start to finish. I enjoyed the ride, and I’m sure you will too.
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