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Beautiful, captivating story! Fae Captive by Sarah K.L. Wilson is the second book in her series Tangled Fae and picks up right where book one left off. This action-packed story picks up speed on page one and doesn’t stop til its heart-rending ending. Y’all I need book three asap!

Allie is now caught in the cage and at Scouvrel’s mercy. Yet she never loses perspective. When she finds herself doubting, she slips on her scarf and sees the Fae’s true world. She never lets herself forget who the true enemy is. However….is Scouvrel really the enemy he wants her to think he is? As the reader, I was tortured with this question throughout the entire story. Allie is a force to be reckoned with and I love her, but Scouvrel kind of stole my heart.

The world-building here is phenomenal. We got glimpses of it in Fae Hunter, but here Wilson takes us into the world of the Fae. It is twisted and broken. The Fae here live a lie, surrounding themselves with illusions of grandeur and beauty. When in reality, these Fae are anything but beautiful. The plot takes us on a trip through their lands as Scouvrel tries to keep Allie from her sister’s hands. Yet Allie has other ideas. She wants to free her father and go home. The question is how.

Overall I devoured Fae Captive. There is no other way to describe it. I love every word of the story so far, even the twisty bits that broke my heart. If you are a fan of faerie tales, you do not want to skip this one!
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