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With all the Fae stories coming out this year, I was a little concerned before picking this one up if it would stand out. Those concerns were for nothing! Fae’s Deception by the writing duo M. Lynn & Melissa A. Craven is a fantastic, unputdownable read! Full of the beauty and deception you’ve come to expect from the Fae, this book stands out in the sea of others with an intricate plot, Fae brothers, and a fantastic lead.

“Brea Robinson is a murderer.” Ominous start to a blurb, but one that holds true to the story. Brea is not your average human girl. Her entire life she’s seen things others can’t. She gets glimpses of jewel-toned, glowing eyes and pointed ears, a power thrums in her veins, and it’s this power that lands her in a mental institution for her “anger outbursts.” After one of these outbursts leaves her friend grievously injured, Brea finds herself in prison only to abducted by Fae. Everything she saw, her powers, all of it is now explained as she finds herself in the Fae’s world. But looks can be deceiving, and with her heart avoiding the possibility that she killed her best friend, Brea finds herself torn, not sure who to believe as two Fae brothers, raised in separate kingdoms, warn her of danger.

Griffin is the first of the brothers we encounter and by far more charming. He takes Brea to the Fargelsi realm, a realm of eternal Spring. Everything here is beautiful, but beauty hides the things that are deadly: a calm lake with a deadly current, sweet berries that deaden your magic, but those are nothing compared to the Fae that Brea now lives among. Griff however is different, at least that’s what Brea believes. He’s kind and charming, the complete opposite of his brother. He empathizes with her and offers her comfort when she has none.

Then there’s Lochlan. He’s my favorite of the two. A broody Fae prince, raised in the desert realm of Eldur, Lochlan is the opposite of his brother in more than just looks. He speaks the truth, even when that truth hurts, and his one mission is to protect Brea, if she’ll let him. He’s intriguing, and I hope to learn more about him in the books to come.

The plot of this story revolves around Brea and her role in the Fae realms. Why have they taken her? What is this power that lives under her skin? Why can’t she control it? All of those questions are addressed and play out through the plot. While I’ll admit, this story builds at a slow pace, by the midway point I couldn’t sit it down. The beginning serves as a way to introduce the world as Brea encounters it (which I love, very immersive!) and let’s not forget she’s grieving. Despite this, I felt it was true to Brea and what she experiences. I love how the authors bring you into her story through her eyes.

Overall I really enjoyed Fae’s Deception. It’s a fantastic start to a new series. Brea is amazing and the O’Shea brothers intriguing. I cannot wait to dive into the next one. Thank God this is a rapid release series so the wait isn’t long! If you are a fan of Holly Black or Fae stories in general, you will love this one!
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