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Dark and twisted doesn’t even touch the surface of Sarah K.L. Wilson‘s new release Fae Hunter. This enchanting tale captivated me from the first word to the last. I personally don’t like to compare books, however if you are a fan of The Cruel Prince, you will love this one.

Allie Hunter is not what I expected. She has a dry, sarcastic sense of humor, but to others she comes off as bitter. As her name suggests, Allis is a hunter, and she uses her skills to protect her village with her father. When her twin sister convinces her to dance at the stone circle, an evil enters her world and in exchange takes her sister. Allie is determined to get Hulanna back, but there’s one problem. The fae that came out of the circle took her sight and left her with a strange second sight. While she can’t see anything, she can see magic and the trails it leaves behind. Using her newfound ability, Allie will do whatever it takes to save her sister for the world of Fae….including trapping one.

Scouvrel is a Fae, and Allie’s prisoner through most of the book. I found myself drawn to him as Allie is. His glamour shows a handsome Fae with black feathery wings, but with Allie’s second sight she sees his true self which isn’t pretty. He is cunning, and like all Fae loves his games. Yet there is something about him that makes me trust him. I haven’t figured that out yet. Maybe I’m under his glamour?

The world-building of this one is just fantastic! I love the contrast between the human world and Faewald. The Fae and Fae creatures Allie comes in contact with are described with such vivid imagery I felt as if they were real. I’m intrigued and want to know more about the folklore that the author creates. And y’all I need to know more about Scouvrel and the world he lives in. I think we will get that in the next book.

Overall I loved Fae Hunter. I couldn’t read it fast enough! Allie is a strong female MC that is easy to cheer for. And that ending?! Be warned, it will leave you hanging. If you enjoy faerie tales and folklore, YA fantasy, you are in for a treat. I highly recommend it.
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