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The Lost Legends by Cait Marie Review
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apologize if this is a long review but I have a lot to say. Going into this book, I went in with an open mind. I knew I was going to support Cait no matter what she wrote and, the biggest thing, I was going to be honest. Just because I adore Cait as a person didn’t mean I was going to let that judge my feelings on the book. If I hated it, I hated it. If I loved it, even better. And friends, I don’t know how else to say how much I loved this book. From the very beginning I knew it wasn’t going to be hard for me to throw myself completely into this story and these characters. The raw talent that Cait has spoke volumes with her story telling. The plot, the scenery, the pace, the characters — honestly all of it just worked. There were twists (some I saw coming, others I didn’t) and there was action and, my favorite, enemies to lovers. Each part of this book fit together like it was meant to be. I devoured the whole thing and every time I put it down I was just thinking about when I could pick it back up again. The disappointment that I don’t have book 2 in front of me right now is so strong. While the story doesn’t bring too many new aspects to the prophecy and immortal story, I wouldn’t change any bit of it. This is a story that doesn’t need to add elements because Cait took the best parts of these genres and worked with them to create something amazing. If you know anything about this book, it is supposed to be a retelling of Tangled. But don’t give your hopes yet for startling comparisons because this book doesn’t have too many. I was expecting more but I’m not mad that there wasn’t. We will get more of the retelling in book 2.

I don’t even know where to begin with these characters. As each on appeared, I fell more and more in love. Adalina, Shane, Phillip, Lee, Ren, Breanne… all of them are apart of me now. The interactions with all of the characters were so believable and fit the story perfectly. While a good story and good characters are essential for an amazing story, one typically shines more than the other. In The Lost Legends, both complimented each other outstandingly. The journey they each go on, even though Shane doesn’t leave the castle, really made their development work. I am glad that this was done in a dual point of view because I think it would have hurt the story so much not knowing what was happening back at the castle with Ada at sea. There are so many feelings about these characters and I honestly can’t give too much up without spoiling the story. So take my word for it when I saw you need these characters in your life.

Overall, The Lost Legends by Cait Marie has honestly been my favorite book of the year so far and I have a feeling will remain in my top for the whole year. This book was amazing from start to finish. I loved the direction the plot went and how each situation led into the next. The pacing for this novel was perfect and never left me feeling bored or confused. Each character really brought something to this world and were a perfect fit. I would highly, highly, highly, recommend this book if you like adventure, prophecies, the fight for a kingdom, and – of course – enemies to lovers.
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