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Young Adult Indie 1983
Sweet Contemporary Romance
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Mia and Carson have always had it out for each other. But when Carson hits Mia in the face with a basketball, it's the last straw and Mia can't stop herself from launching at his throat. Instead of suspension, the two agree to work on the Christmas Angel Project together. While Mia wants to shoulder all of the burdens, Carson wants to be every bit a part of the process too.

Ethan is the only person Mia has been able to rely on. He's her best friend and Carson's younger brother. With the pressure of an impending divorce, it's uncomfortable being home, so Mia takes any chance she can to leave it. Even if that means running into Carson at their house. Besides, they're forced to meet with each other to finish the Angel Project anyway so how bad can it be? However, the more time they spend together, the more muddled Mia's emotions grow. There used to be a dark line dividing Carson and Mia, but the more she lets him in, the blurrier that line becomes.

FALLING FOR MY NEMESIS is a sweet contemporary romance with the theme of enemies turned lovers. Mia is stubborn and always strives to be great. Carson is laid-back and easy going. He's the popular one while she has only one real friend. The two are so different, yet the connection they share is undeniable. I love when we see the real side of Carson and it makes me see why he's acted the way he has. The only thing I wish is that there was a little more drama. Other than that, it's a cute read about finding your first love.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to fans of contemporary romance, coming of age, first love, cute and cliche scenes, and best friends (because I adore Ethan).
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