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Erin Whitaker's father is dead and her mother is a drug addict. When she is very young her mother leaves her alone on a doorstep and doesn't return. She is taken in by her grandparents who raise her.
This book gives an inside look at how the young kids of addicts have to constantly adjust their lives and expectations. I thought this was a realist portrayal of the life of an addict's child. Interesting enough the most difficult part for me to believe is that both her grandparents were former clowns. I would have liked more of a back story on that aspect.
The character of Erin was great. Although she did well in school and made friends, she was not perfect and her mother's behavior really effected her.
A few things that left me wanting more is I would have liked more info on what Erin's life had been with her mother. Flashbacks would have been a perfect way of doing this. This would have given us a better idea about what had gone through. Another thing I noticed was almost every single person in the story was an only child-her, her mom, her dad, her friend, her friend's father ( the only exception being Erin's boyfriend). I know this is common in YA fiction ( John Green does it in every one of his books) but I really like it when family dynamics are realistic and reflect society. I think Erin having an Uncle or Aunt would have added to the storyline.
I really enjoyed my 'My Name is Erin...' This would be a great novel for teens or preteens dealing with a parent with an addiction.
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Great topic. Quick read.
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