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A sweet read.
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A heartwarming love story.

The Story:
Tommy is struggling. After losing his best friend, Chase, in an accident he blames himself for, he has little left except a mom who is working for a man he hates and a new job where he can't seem to do anything right.
Enter Nick, the new kid in town with a broken phone and a new number that happens to be receiving text messages meant for a dead kid.
The two bond over their shared crappy job and fall deeper than either planned on, only realizing how far in they are when secrets come out threatening to tear them apart.

What I loved:
Oh, these boys. They melted my heart. There's a sweetness to the story. In it's discussions on grief, guilt, and fear Tommy and Nick are allowed to shine as two boys trying to figure out how to go after what they want in life without disappointing the people they love. It's a statement on true love, but also the confusion of being a teenager pulled in different directions, and the fear associated with letting others see who you are, especially as gay kids in small town America.
I could read about these boys all day.

What was just okay:
There's a bit of harassment at their job that's just swept under the rug after Nick refuses to kiss his boss. Sometimes I wished I saw a bit more maturity in Tommy, but he grew by the end and I ended up loving him just as much as Nick.

Final Verdict:
A story that will warm even the coldest hearts, with engaging characters and a writing style that is so comforting you don't want the book to end.
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