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Touches on Anxiety which hits home for me!
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After Cassie witnesses the murder of her mother, she develops anxiety over just about everything. She doesn't talk to anyone and always has her nose in a book. Romances are a way for Cassie to escape from everything around her, especially one of her favorite male leads Cade. Cassie misses the way things used to be, but she can't ever go back. To her, there's a Before and an After.

When Roman learns that his parents are moving, Jesse offers for him to live at their house. Roman jumps at the chance to not have to leave everyone. However, he wonders how hard his presence would be on Cassie. It's hard for him to see her so reclusive. Roman and Cassie used to be best friends. She was the girl who would lead him into trouble and will always have a special place in his heart.

During a thunderstorm, Roman stays home with Cassie knowing she would be scared. After a card game, he realizes that all hope isn't lost for her and he can't give up on her. The old Cassie is still in there somewhere and he'll do anything to bring her back. With their hearts on the line, the two of them will have to rely on each other to bring back the good.

ROMAN AND THE HOPELESS ROMANTIC really hits home for me because I also suffer from anxiety. There's no explanation for why it can grip you so tightly, but this is what Cassie is suffering through. I love how sweet, patient, and determined Roman is. He isn't the playboy we originally believed him to be. Instead, he's just as amazing as Jesse.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to fans of romance, mental illness (anxiety), contemporary, and coming of age.
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