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Young Adult Indie 1791
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Meg lives in a small town in upstate NY (outside Ithaca) in the later years of WWII. She is torn between her family and her dreams of College. She is also torn between dating her childhood friend and the boy everyone thinks she should date.
I love historical fiction. I really love historical fiction that takes place outside the big cities (NYC, London, San Francisco). I was also excited to read a YA WWII area novel (particularly because Meg would have been the same age as one of my grandmothers at the time-who was also from upstate NY).
I liked the snippets into daily life at the time and the bits of pop culture sprinkled in. I loved Arthur and his Native American culture.
I do think the story dragged a bit in the middle and that the story lacked a strong plot. It almost seemed to be missing something (I feel like a dual POV or timeline would really have helped). I would also have liked more of an ending.
This story did make me cry (there was one part that was particularly difficult to read). All in all a wonderful story. I really find I love YA historical fiction.
Good Points
-Lovable characters
-Small town
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