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Shifters and Witches take on Ancient Evil
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Maddie is a Hawthorne sister and is known for performing a spell against the Ancients. If the stares of her peers at Thunderbird Academy wasn't bad enough, her dad is missing as well and Maddie will do anything to find him. However, her friends Liam and Kate haven't returned to the school because of the threat of the Ancients, leaving her alone. However, her new roommate Jade doesn't seem so bad and doesn't treat her differently like everyone else does.

Enter Aiden. He's a brooding shifter that seems to have it out for Maddie. She hates the pressure she's under because everyone seems to think she has it all together, even though she doesn't. Aiden calling her names like Duchess doesn't help make anything easier. To top it off, Maddie can't help but feel drawn to Aiden. Sure, he's gorgeous, but there's something else springing to life between them and Maddie isn't sure if she likes the distraction. As the threat of the Ancients begins to knock on the doorsteps of the academy, Maddie might have to rely on Aiden and her new friends more that she'd like to.

OF WATER AND MOONLIGHT is the first book I've read by Valia Lind so I did miss a bit of background information, but I still loved it. Valia does a good job at filling the reader in on what's happened in the past books so they don't feel left out if they start with this one. Aiden is so frustrating and sexy at the same time that I look forward to see how the relationship between Maddie and Aiden changes and grows. I love how there are all types of supernatural beings in this book but the prominent ones are shifters and witches. Maddie is also the best. She's so stubborn and strong which will be needed with the danger she faces.

Final Verdict: OF WATER AND MOONLIGHT is a supernatural paranormal romance full of action, betrayal, and magic. I would recommend this to fans of fantasy, paranormal, action and adventure, magic, romance, shifers and witches.
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