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The story:

Melody, the younger sister of Charlie, the main character of the previous book, is now in college. She is smitten with her longtime boyfriend Nate, a handsome football player who is struggling with the part he played in a friend’s death. Rather than let their relationship disintegrate, she uses her “trip” – a sojourn through time – to fix things, despite the serious repercussions altering the timeline can have.

What I loved:

I loved Melody, almost as much as I loved Brooke from the first book in the series. She feels emotions deeply, which area always my favorite characters. Nate, too, was a compelling character, and watching their relationship founder was at times hard to read. But that’s what great fiction does, make you care about the characters! The story, which shifted gears dramatically halfway through, became even more of a page-turner. I was heavily invested by the end, which did not disappoint.

What I didn’t love:

I can’t think of a thing. This story hit every button, checked every box for mse.

My Final Verdict:

A Straw Man perfectly showcases Amalie Jahn’s warm writing style. Her characters are instantly relatable, her stories told with great sensitivity and are totally absorbing. I would highly recommend this story. In fact, this entire series is worth your time.
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