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Another Gem by Amalie Jahn
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Tin Men by Amalie Jahn

The story:

After losing his estranged father, Charlie Johnson’s life is further complicated when he learns he was adopted. Curious about his biological mother, he embarks on a quest to find her. With the help of his stalwart girlfriend Brooke and his government-sanctioned trip through time, Charlie soon learns that uncovering one secret can often has consequences he could never have seen coming.

What I loved:

Charlie was a strong lead character – maybe not as strong as Brooke from The Clay Lion, as he seemed much less conflicted on his journey – but enough to carry the story. The concept of time-travel, once again, is used to move the plot along but is kept simple enough so as to not bog the plot down in technobabble. Amalie Jahn’s writing style flows so wonderfully that I found myself flipping pages well past my bedtime.

What I didn’t love:

While I enjoyed how the story was resolved, something about it let me a teensy bit unfulfilled. The way in which a character gets his come-uppance felt a little too easy, but given the high level of drama involved in the whole of the story, dragging the end out might not have worked as well.

My Final Verdict:

Tin Men is a terrific follow up to The Clay Lion. If you like well-written YA dramas with a sci-fi twist and a sweet love story, then this series is one you should pick up.
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