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An adorable story that has a lot to say.

The story:
Holland is the only girl on her hockey team, something that isn't widely accepted in her town. On top of that, the captain of the team likes to get up in her face and criticize everything she does.
Their town is chosen to be featured in a statewide hockey event and they want to interview Holland about her role on the team, something that makes her nervous. Only a thawing relationship with Wes, said captain, keeps her together. But what if the one relationship she wants is the one that will make everyone question her place even more than they already do?

What I liked:
This book has a heavy dose of feminism that makes you think rather than whacks you over the head. Holland has to fight for everything she has because she's a girl. I loved that about her. She never backs down. She's such a great character, the kind that can inspire young girls everywhere.
And Wes, oh Wes. He's so sweet and supportive. Their relationship doesn't start out well but it progresses naturally from friendship to more.

What was just okay:
The ending didn't feel complete. Did the team get on national TV? Did they win the big game they'd been preparing for all book? We'll never know.

Final Verdict:
A story every young girl, especially young athletes should read. It's so much more than a simple romance. The writing style draws you into this world and doesn't let go.
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