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Young Adult Indie 2281
A World to Lose Yourself In
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This is a promising start to an exciting new fae series!
What I loved:
The writing style is engaging enough that even the initial world building is captivating. Details are doled out in small enough increments to not feel like info dumps, but solid enough to create a fully realized setting.
Similarly, the narration hooks the reader from the outset. December makes for a sympathetic, relatable heroine. Her situations, decisions, and rationale actually make sense rather than distancing the reader.
And I would be remiss if I didn't point out the positive female friendship, something that has been sadly, historically lacking in the YA Fantasy Genre. Sasha and December's relationship is far from perfect, but instead it looks like real, attainable friendship.

What Left Me Wanting More
Easton's character would benefit from a little more dimension and a few flaws. Because of that, the romance, while swoon-worthy, doesn't quite reach the level of feels a reader might desire. That said, December as a strong heroine with significant depth and growth more than makes up for this.

All in all, Oberon Academy isn't just a book, it's a world to lose yourself in. Readers who enjoy strong themes of family and friendship, powerful women, and an engaging world wont be able to put this series down.
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