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Taming the Bad Boy
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When Bea's best friend Katherine and twin brother Atticus start dating, she feels betrayed and can't stand to see them together. Katherine was supposed to be her ride or die, but instead, she'd rather spend time with Atticus whenever she comes over to the house. Bea wants to do something to get back at them and to show that she doesn't need either of them. So, she comes up with the plan to fake-date her neighbor Carter, who is the residential bad boy.

Carter has to watch himself this summer because if something goes wrong, his dad will ship him off to boarding school. That's the last thing Carter wants. When Bea approaches him with the idea of dating, he sees it as a chance to appease his dad. Bea is weird, but there's something about her that puts Carter at ease. As the summer goes by, both discover things about each other that will move their hearts.

I love any story involving the bad boy with a backstory. Carter fits this perfectly and I loved learning more about him alongside Bea. I felt bad for the broken friendship between Katherine and Bea because it's obvious that it's hard on them both. BEA AND THE BAD BOY is a sweet contemporary romance that will melt your heart and is the perfect summer read.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to fans of contemporary romance, taming the bad boy, and discovering who you are.
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