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The Bachelorette Meets the Supernatural
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When Kimmie-Jayne lands the role on Hitched, she's thrilled that her dreams of acting are coming true. She's also excited that she can finally help her dad who's health is questionable with rising blood pressure. Everything about around the tv show is hush hush and Kimmie-Jayne has no idea what to expect when she's taken to a remote location.

After she arrives, Kimmie-Jayne is introduced to twenty-five sexy bachelors. Each one is unique in their own way, but Kimmie-Jayne also feels that something else is going on. She can't quite put her finger on it, but there's something different about these guys. As the show goes on, Kimmie-Jayne finds her life threatened and someone doesn't seem to want Hitched to air. But she has amazing guys to help protect. Guys with more secrets than she could ever imagine.

As the eliminations begin, she finds herself growing closer to some more than others. There's the sexy twins Fenix and Flare, then the latino Luciano, the sweet Cillian, the cowboy Colt, the Scottish Fraser, the mysterious Elrian, and so many more. Fans of the Bachelorette and the supernatural won't want to miss this dramatic take on both.

I love Kimmie-Jayne's character and her growth. I really like that she didn't throw herself at every guy like I'd anticipated. Instead, she respects herself enough to take things slow and get to know each guy. Even with the threats against her life, Kimmie-Jayne knows how important this role is for her acting career and for her family's well-being. Maybe she can even find love in the process.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to fans of romance, drama, sexy supernatural men, and the Bachelorette.
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